Wherever I go, whatever I do, I can’t stop listening!

Why I listen

The diversity of forms and content, that choice, that intimate feeling from listening on headphones, that freedom of taking the podcast with me wherever I go   and whatever I do …  I just can’t stop listening.

Why I produce

 Having made radio shows for over a decade producing podcasts seemed very familiar at first, but soon I realised the infinite freedom and creativity podcasts offer. 

Anything can be made into podcasts: expert debates, insightful interviews, intimate confessions, reports, comparisons, analyses, fiction or non-fiction, fun or serious, all put out there – for a listener to choose  your podcast and step into its world.

How it works

Whether it’s my own podcast or one I produce for a client, you always start at the same place: a blank piece of paper and a vague vision. From here you are swept up by a crazy, creative ride! You can really do anything in and with podcasts, that is – if you do it right!

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