Journalist, Podcaster
& Producer


It always surprises me how much
I learn through every story.

Katarina has over a decade of experience in radio journalism where she concentrated on interviews, reports and in-depth, long-form packages. As senior reporter and host for Radio Slovakia International (RTVS) she focused mainly on politics, gender and discrimination issues, education and culture. 

She has contributed TV reports to CNN and cooperated on radio programs with the BBC, Austria ORF – FM4 and Inside Central Europe (now discontinued), covering mainly burning stories from Slovakia. In 2015 she was a finalist in the first-ever Podcast Accelerator of the prestigious WNYC station. 

She is now the producer of four podcasts ranging from one that popularises Cold War expert research, through podcasts about electric mobility, to a podcast about young people and their lives in Slovakia. 

She is currently developing a podcast about marriage in the modern era and how to go about it.

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