The Secret Struggle for Cold War Dominance

“The Secret Struggle for Cold War Dominance” podcast takes listeners on a tour of the Cold War’s most secretive battlefields. Based on recently declassified and neglected secret documents, it details the various ways spies, intelligence agencies, military and security services on both sides of the Iron Curtain “played” the Cold War. It debunks the myth that the Cold War was merely a conflict between the Soviets and the USA. By zooming in on untold stories of spy games and secret alliances from across Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Europe, the series finds that this was very much a global and, at times, a very “hot” Cold War.

The podcast takes us to different corners of the world and reveals that fake news is not a modern invention, but an old tool from the spy kit ruthlessly employed across Cold War India. We explore what can happen to a new, beautiful, intelligence friendship between Czechoslovakia and Cuba when you fail to warn against the Bay of Pigs invasion. We uncover the “best kept secret” of Cold War intelligence hidden in machines, on the most idyllic islands in the Indian ocean; get an insider view into Cuba’s secret world thanks to defectors; and we follow the footsteps of a spy who worked for numerous intelligence agencies, from the West and the East.

The podcast uses fresh historical research to create narrative, story-driven episodes aimed at drawing in history buffs, spy fans, and all those who love a good story full of surprising twists and turns. A story about the past, with relevance to the present. A story yet unheard by the general public, waiting to be told.

The podcast is produced independently / Hosting, Sound-design, editing, mixing by Katarina Urban Richterova
Podcast idea co-creator Dr. Daniela Richterova
First episode aired in June 2020.
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