The Secret Struggle for Cold War Dominance

The Secret Struggle for Cold War Dominance is a podcast that goes behind the scenes of the Cold War. Going beyond the traditional narrative, we unveil how the ‘East’ and the ‘West’ struggled for dominance and find that, in fact, the Cold War was a very ‘hot’ and global conflict.

Thanks to recently declassified documents, we shed new light on the most secretive aspects of the global Cold War, revealing that not every alliance was sacred, that military assistance was an ‘export commodity’, and that superpowers and small states were equally eager to use secret intelligence to achieve their goals

This podcast is for history fans, students and professionals – with a passion for untold histories which helped shape our world.

The podcast is produced independently by – Katarina Urban Richterova. /Hosting, Sound-design, editing, mixing – by Katarina Urban Richterova

First episode aired in July 2020.

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